As we grow older our perception of all law enforcement changes; sometimes drastically.  When I was a teenager, I was petrified I'd get caught doing something illegal partially because I often was but also because of the perception at that age.  Now that I'm all grown up, in most ways, I see our brave men and women in a different light and feel like they need to do whatever they can to keep us all safe.  But this latest tactic has me reverting back to my younger days.

According to an article on, State Troopers in Illinois are dressing in disguise as construction workers on the job along the roads.  My first thought was, OK, that might be taking the whole deception thing too far and then I thought what a great f-ing idea!  This is not to say that our brave in blue here in Michigan would use such a tactic but it wouldn't surprise me.  In fact, a few are my friends and I'm certainly going to ask them if they would and if they've ever used this kind of deception before.  Check out more of the article by clicking HERE.

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