In the wake of the financial devastation from the Coronavirus crisis, once flush college and university athletic departments will have to make some tough choices.  However, there's more than just cutting sports to cut budgets.  There are NCAA rules and requirements that have to be met and, now, some schools not in the "power 5" conferences will undoubtedly be asking for those benchmarks to be relaxed.

A few years ago WMU in Kalamazoo was on the brink of losing it's Division 1 status due to declining attendance which is one of the criteria of maintaining the D1 level.  Another criteria is to maintain a certain number of variety sports.  Now with the Coronavirus crisis there will certainly be a loss of revenue and attendance so the only way to for athletic departments to stay solvent would be to cut some varsity sports; some "non essential" varsity sports.  The question is which ones and will the NCAA allow schools like WMU to maintain the D1 status if they do?

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A Nearly Empty Kalamazoo

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