Do not adjust your eyes, these sculptures really do fit inside the eye of a needle. Seeing is definitely believing at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum's Willard Wigan Microsculptor exhibit running now through January 25th. Willard Wigan is an incredibly talented world-renowned sculptor who creates works of art that can only be seen through a microscope. According to the Kalamazoo Valley Museum website, this exhibit follows the amazing story of how ants and "nothing" inspired Wigan's art. This limited time exhibit includes:

  • 10 microscopic sculptures
  • 6 interactive stations, including:
    • Can You Thread a Needle?
    • Can You Lower Your Heart Rate?
    • Steady Hands
  • 4 multimedia presentations about Wigan's life story

Here's what you need to know:

Bonus Video: Willard Wigan - Hold Your Breath for Micro-Sculpture - TED Talk

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