It was March 27, 1975 when a young man by the name of Mike McKelly was about to see his first Rock Concert.  In his hometown of Kenosha, WI, 3 bands were coming to play the new Kenosha Ice Arena: Thin Lizzy, Rush and Kiss.  As it turned out, Thin Lizzy was a no-show so the first band I ever saw live was Rush which means the first drummer I ever saw live was Neil Peart and the first guitarist was Alex Lifeson.  Not too shabby for a "cherry pop" huh?  Then Kiss came out with Gene and the blood and the fire.  Are you kidding me???  What a night!!!

Believe it or not I haven't seen them since.  I have had the opportunity to interview Gene Simmons several times and Paul Stanley once or twice.  I guess it's only fitting that I go see them Saturday night at Van Andel and bring it all full circle.  I only wish rush was playing with them.  If you want to be there with us make sure your listening to The Rocker Morning Show all this week and we'll hook you up.

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