When Star Wars was first released, it wasn't just the movie theater where you could visit the galaxy far, far away. Star Wars also enjoyed the radio serial treatment and aired on NPR stations around America.

Two rare Star Wars NPR posters are being sold by Western Michigan University at their upcoming Surplus Sale tomorrow (December 6).

The Star Wars poster features C-3PO speaking into a microphone with TIE Fighters in the background.

This poster has sold elsewhere for $850 and OriginalVintageMoviePosters.com describes the series and the poster:

The poster was used to advertise the saga’s run on National Public Radio (NPR), to whom Lucas sold the rights for 1 dollar. It contained 13 episodes, voice acted by Mark Hamill and Anthony Daniels.

WMU is also selling a copy of a poster for the NPR airing of the Empire Strikes Back that features Yoda.

The Surplus Sale is offering them for $125 each and a limit of 1 per person. They have been in storage for 25 years.

star wars npr poster
WMU Surplus Sale via Facebook

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