The 20th ranked Michigan State Spartans will host 2-2 Nebraska this coming Saturday at Spartan Stadium.  You can hear the game on our sister stations 1240 WJIM and Classic Rock 949 WMMQ starting with the White Law PLLC Tailgate Show at 3:30pm.

But how about this for an idea.  Why not make the MSU-Nebraska football game a trophy game?  MSU plays trophy games against Michigan, Indiana, and Penn State every year.  And whenever they play Notre Dame, that's a trophy game (The Megaphone).

The Twitter site "Sparty Kids" has proposed an idea for a "trophy" for the winner of the game.  And it would be a memorial to recently passed away former punters Mike Sadler (Michigan State) and Sam Foltz (Nebraska).  Here check it out:

Now, I am a huge fan of trophy games at the high school and college levels.  I think it brings extra juice to games that might not otherwise mean as much.  And these schools are linked, unfortunately, because of the tragic passing of Sadler and Foltz five years ago at a football camp.

This needs to happen, IMO.  It just makes too much sense.  After giving it more thought, I'm surprised it hasn't happened already.

It would be a great tribute to Sadler and Foltz.  I would run it by the families first to see if they would endorse it.  If they do, make it happen.

It's a pretty cool trophy, too.  Don't you think?

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