The year 2022 has been another sh*tshow for the ages. Though the year was great for new music, it was also bizarre, unsettling and kinda fun, depending on which of these news stories crossed your feed in 2022.

2022 wasn’t the best year for Machine Gun Kelly. Sure, his new album Mainstream Sellout hit No. 1 and he headlined arenas across the country, but he was also subject to harsh criticism about the quality of his new music and some of the intimate details of his relationship with Megan Fox.

MGK and Fox talked publicly about consuming small viles of each other’s blood so they could… I dunno… live out some Twilight fantasy or something. This got the attention of Belfazaar Ashantison — co-founder of The New Orleans Vampire Association and active blood drinker since 1992 — who warned the duo that consuming blood without going through proper precautions could cause serious health issues. So basically, a “real vampire” emerged from the shadows to give advice to a blood-drinking Hollywood couple. Cool.

Want to start a band with the guy who shot Ronald Reagan in the ‘80s? He’s looking for talented artists to jam with! John Hinckley Jr., who was released from psychiatric care in 2016, was legally allowed to showcase his artwork and music publicly beginning in 2020. He’s maintained a YouTube channel for his original songs and covers since then, but in 2022, he wanted to branch out and play with some like-minded musicians. It doesn’t look like he’s found the right folks yet, but if you’re interested, you can send a letter to his P.O. Box.

Check out these and more WTF stories from 2022 in the gallery below.

The Most WTF Stories of 2022

Some of the weirdest rock and metal news of 2022.

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