You may have already received your 3rd stimulus check already, but you may qualify for a 4th check.

When I heard there is a possible 4th stimulus check floating around out there, I felt I had to get to the bottom of that in case I qualified for another check.

I saw this according to MLive, there is a check that is called a "plus-up" payment that is a bonus that you may find in your bank account soon if you qualify.

You qualify for the "plus-up" check a couple different ways that are based on if you had a loss of income for 2020, your tax returns or birth of a child.

Millions of Americans have already received their 3rd stimulus check and you may qualify for the this 3th check if you meet the requirements.

If you may are a single person who makes $75,000 or less you probably received your 3rd check already. If you had a child in 2020 and claimed them on your 2020 tax return you are eligible for an additional $1400. This may be the case for parents of children who are separated and take turns claiming their kid(s) you are eligible for the "plus-up" check.

If you earned over $80,000 and are a single person you are not eligible for the bonus check. Same for couples who earn 160,000 or more. If you have a part of a two person household earning less than $150,000 and lost income or had a child in 2020 you qualify for the "plus-up" of an extra $1400.

According to the IRS, if you qualify for the "plus-up" payment, you do not have to do a thing other than check your bank account or check your mail. The IRS started issuing those payments on April 1.

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