Now that the weather is finally warm it is time to do yard work.  I spent a few hours over the long holiday weekend doing just that yard work.  Not just mowing, but i cut down a couple Mulberry Tree's in my yard and for most people they would use a chainsaw. I do not have one so i cut them down the old fashion way with a hatchet and a small tree saw.   Once those trees were down i had to trim them up so the limbs were small enough to move.  Then I had to move them all so i could actually mow my lawn.  That was just one weekend.  From now till the end of September every week i will have to take the time to pull out the mower and mow the yard.  One of my least favorite things to do this time of year.  Are you a fan of Yard Work?

Photo by Three Lions/ Hulton Archive/Getty Images