It's getting darker earlier and an Autumn chill is in the air. Enjoy these 14 Kalamazoo area restaurants with heated outdoor patios while there's still time.

Whether you're playing it safe or just want to soak up the fall atmosphere before the snow flies, outdoor dining is still a possibility this season if there's an outdoor heater on the patio. With the help of Kalamazoo Menu, we found fourteen Kalamazoo-area restaurants that offer outdoor seating.

Some of these places are casual, while others offer a fine dining experience. Whether you are looking for a burger to wrap your hands around, a vegetarian Mediterranean dish to try, a pasta to twirl around your fork, or an unusual entrée to sink your teeth into, you'll find it here.

Heated Outdoor Patios in Kalamazoo

This list is based on audience responses- please call ahead to verify the information. Kalamazoo Menu is a private Facebook group whose aim is to help local or no-corporate owned restaurants.

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