Ford manufactured 20,956 of these in '69, but this restored Bronco is a one of a kind.  Take a look at photos and video of the next car show trophy-stealer.

Debuting in 1966, the Ford Bronco was part of the first generation of sport utility vehicles. It competed against the Jeep CJ-5, Dodge Ramcharger and Chevy Blazer with a MSRP of $2945. This one goes for more than 25 times that. Hemmings has a made-in-Michigan fully restored 1969 Bronco with a price tag of $78,900.

If you think the price is unbelievable, check out the odometer: 129 miles. It's got to be the end result of one of those barn finds- a car that was tucked away long ago and forgotten somewhere under a tarp in the shadows of a leaning barn with faded red paint. The bright red paint job paired with the white interior gives the Bronco a classic look, but the restoration is modern with a rebuilt, original, 302 v8 under the hood and lot of other things only car guys understand.

Powering the Bronco is a rebuilt, original, 302 v8 with an aluminum 4 barrel intake with a 600 Holley with electric choke. The 302 V8 is paired to a C4 that is freshly rebuilt along with rebuilt transfer case and drive shafts. Under the Bronco you will find a Dana 44 front end with Trac-Lock and 3.5 gears along with an upgraded large bearing rear end with 3.50 Trac-Loc larger rear brakes. The Bronco also has Power brakes with discs in the front. Other Highlights include Borgeson power steering, Aluminum Hi-Flow radiator, Glasurit Base/Clear paint, 2.5 inch lift with 31 inch BFG All Terrain tires with Polished aluminum wheels.

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Classic cars are still a hot commodity. In a Bloomberg piece from 2017, they cite auto auctioneer Barret Jackson: "The current average value of a first-generation Ford Bronco in perfect condition is $47,025, up from $23,400 five years ago." This exceptional 1969 Bronco is anything but antique with ridiculously low mileage and a price tag almost twice the average. The car is in Grand Rapids now, so you'd only have to add about 50 miles to the odometer to get this baby home.

1969 Ford Bronco For Sale

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