We all like to dream about the home that would make us most happy in life. Some people are simple, and only need a few walls and some heat. Others, want the opulent gold trim and decorative mansion with hundreds of rooms, and ALL the amenities.

And then there's this home in Northville, MI, that just went up for sale, that is somehow RIGHT in the middle of both of those worlds. A bit of decadence, with some elements of a simple home, all while sitting on property that was previously owned by Michigan's own, Henry Ford. This is my kind of dream home.

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New on the housing market is this awesome, four-bedroom, 6,578 sq. ft. home that buts right up to Mill Pond, in Northville, Michigan. Originally, the property the home sits on was owned by Henry Ford, who also had the property next to it.

But now, it's home to this incredible home, that would absolutely make me the coolest person in my friend group.

I mean, look at this game room...

Sotheby's International Realty
Sotheby's International Realty

I'd never leave. I'd find a way to do my job in that basement forever. Just, pull up to the bar, and between virtual meetings, play a quick game of pool or ping pong. And God forbid I have some business friends over, we'll just walk into the wine cellar, and choose from HUNDREDS of bottles that are hung on the wall.

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But this also brings us to an interesting aspect of this home. While it is pretty decadent, and it certainly has luxury touches, the rest of the home is surprisingly cozy, and simple.

So aside from the elite areas of the home, it's basically a blank slate for whomever wants to move in, and make it their own.

Sotheby's International Realty
Sotheby's International Realty

Add on the waterfront property on the pond, an awesome back patio with a firepit, three-car garage, wraparound porch for the entire home, and some beautiful landscaping, this home is on my watch list, should I ever win the lottery.

And sadly, as you guessed, you'd probably need to win the lottery to afford it at a moderate price of just $2,999.990 - just $10 shy of $3 million.

Give it a good look through in the gallery below, and one important note, sadly, the cars do NOT come with the home. Though, if you can afford this house, you could probably guy a GT or Shelby of your own.

Henry Ford Owned the Property This Huge Michigan Home is On

Gallery Credit: Sotheby's International Realty

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