Well the NBA regular season is officially over, and shocker, the Detroit Pistons once again have the worst record in the league. Finishing with 14 wins is still an improvement from the 2022-23 season, but MAN could they use a real leader in the locker room.

But, maybe the Pistons aren't using the right tools at their disposal. Detroit's a cool city, and there are some up-sides to being on the team. However, maybe it's about comfort and accomodations. MAYBE they could include this Mansion in Northville that already has it's own Pistons practice facility included?

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Offered up for sale by Dylan Tent Heli Realtor (that's a story for another day), this incredible mansion hs practically custom built for a Pistons super star. More than 5,000 sqft of finished floorplan, six bedrooms, 5 full baths, and two half-baths, and literally a half basketball court included downstairs.

Also, it's kind of a kickass home.

"Entertain with ease in the custom kitchen featuring high-end appliances and stunning quartzite countertops. Step into the finished walk-up lower level and discover your own professional half-court basketball court, perfect for staying active and hosting memorable gatherings."

Dylan Tent Heli Realtor
Dylan Tent Heli Realtor

This home is literally built for a Pistons Superstar with high ceilings, big doors, the court, obviously, and luxury at its best. There's room just off the court downstairs for weights and other conditioning equipment... right next to what I'm assuming would be a full bar.

And we know big NBA players usually have some pretty big friends in the industry, so this home would be the perfect place to find a get-together with some of Michigan's finest like Eminem, 50 Cent, Jamele Hill, and maybe Jared Goff? Surely some Lions would pop in during the offseason, right?

Anyway, if the Pistons aren't buying this home right now - for the MODEST price of $2.5 million - to prepare for their next high draft pick (or maybe more accurately, next head coach), then what are we even doing here?

Michigan Mansion Fit for Detroit Pistons' Next All-Star Player

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