It just isn't possible to make it to every home game of your favorite team. Often times, the best you can do is watch from home, and try your best to internally remember what it's like, in that arena atmosphere, when your team scores.

But for one man in Michigan, he doesn't have to be at the game. He's got the ultimate special effects right at home. So when the Red Wings Score, or the Lions make it into the endzone, He's got the smoke, the horns, and the call from the men on the mic, all at the push of a red button.

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Ganley's Sports Den is very clearly a fan of all sports in the state of Michigan. When you walk around his man cave, you'll see the typical - albeit elevated - bar setup complete with special lighting and decoration. He's also got jerseys, memorabilia, and autographs on the wall to be SURE you know where his allegiance lies.

He has an account on TikTok showing off his magnificent sports den, complete with a replica of the Michigan Stadium big screen, darts, cards and dinner table, and a big, massive, comfy couch in front of the big TV for any big game.

@ganleyssportsden♬ original sound - Ganleys Sports Den

And the emphasis is on ANY big game, because there's something even more special about his Sports Den... the special effects. Up on the wall, just to the left of the big screen, is a large red button, that when pushed, will immediately take you to Michigan Stadium, Ford Field, or Little Caesar's Arena. In fact, he might even be taking you back to the years of Joe Louis Arena.


♬ original sound - Ganleys Sports Den

Because once that red button is pushed, the voice of whatever team you're supporting that night - Red Wings, Tigers, Lions, Wolverines - will SCREAM over his sound system, the fight song will play, and a BLAST of special effects smoke and light show comes out of the ceiling.

For Michigan Football, it's Bob Ufer, followed by the Wolverine Band playing Hail to the Victors, as a Blue and Maize stream of smoke comes pouring out of the ceiling. For the Lions, it's the voice of Dan Miller shouting "Touchdown Lions" followed by the horn. For the Red Wings, it's the Iconic Joe Louis Arena Horn, followed by Eminem's "Without Me." And for the Pistons... well, for now, it's just a sound bite of the last NBA Championship they won in 2005.

@ganleyssportsden Lets Go Lions! @Detroit Lions @ADJ @Glance LED ♬ original sound - Ganleys Sports Den

I don't know exactly where this guy lives, but if you're a fan of sports in the state of Michigan, then this is the place to be, and this is the guy you need to be friends with.

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