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5 Examples Of Facepalm Crushing Losses By Our Detroit Lions
I remember after watching this game that something snapped in me - I honestly cannot produce any sort of emotional reaction to anything stupidly insane that the Lions pull now. I'm emotionless when it comes to them SMH. I think I need therapy.
Lions Vs Da' Bears: Our List Of Delusional Expectations
look for Trubisky to set an NFL record for completions, touchdowns and most pizzas ordered for an NFL locker room celebration. A downtrodden QB finds new life against the Lions - always happens to the Lions and this Sunday will be no exception.
This Detroit Lion Could Win You A Beer
I'm not exactly sure how to approach telling you this. Football field goal kickers are one of those love/hate things. It starts with the age old argument of whether kickers are even athletes, and extends into how you let everything in a hard fought football game come down to a kick. Both are gr…

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