It's gotta be hard when your job is a professional athlete, and you're trying to just live a normal life in the community. Simple things like going to the grocery store, or going out to a bar become such a hassle, you almost have to hide your identity just to feel a little normal.

And that's exactly what these Detroit Lions admitted to doing when they need to get an Uber... they lie about what they do for a living.

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I don't always get a chatty Uber driver, but sometimes they like to strike up some conversation, and get to know you. One of the inevitable questions is, "So, what do you do?"

For me, I usually just say I "work in radio," and keep it vague, but once in a while my voice will get recognized. But nobody sees my face on a near-weekly basis on their TVs during the Fall and Winter. That's what Detroit Lions players have to deal with.

So when they get picked up by an Uber, what do they tell the Uber drivers they do? Well, the team's official tiktok account got some of their answers, and they range from simple, to funny, and downright genius.


@detroitlions Your driver is approaching. #NFL #DetroitLions #OnePride ♬ original sound - Detroit Lions

Everything from working in entertainment, other sports like soccer, swimming, and baseball, bodybuilder, video gamer, and roofer... even a "trash compacter" and "Security for Ford."

But easily, the best answer has to be Hogan Hatten, who is the teams newest long snapper. "I don't like to lie, so I just tell them I work for Ford, on the Line."


I can already tell, this is gonna be a fun bunch to watch on Sundays this season. GO LIONS!

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