Seeing a mansion isn't really a big deal anymore. Lots of very rich people, especially in big cities, who love to flaunt what they've got with their home. Well, whoever owned this Illinois Mansion not only had good taste, they also had an incredible hobby in model trains.

But even the train room can't compete with the rest of this absolutely massive, and epic home that you could buy today... assuming you have a small fortune.

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Located in Northbrook, Illinois, which is a very affluent neighborhood in north Chicago, this six bedroom, 11 bath mansion is unbelievable on both the inside and out.

Right at the front door, you're greeted with a curved, brick driveway, no doubt for drivers to drop off their MVPs for whatever party is happening on the inside. Once through the front doors, you're greeted with a double arching stairway, and an opening that leads to the main room, which seriously resembles the classiest hotel lobby I've ever seen.

Zillow/Berskshire Hathaway Homeservices Chicago
Zillow/Berskshire Hathaway Homeservices Chicago

Seriously, I'd expect people to be up reading the paper, drinking their morning coffee, and working on their laptops in this room, when in reality, it's probably been host to some of the biggest names in industry.

And of course with a massive house, you need a massive kitchen and dining room, and a MASSIVE library. Seriously, this house looks like it's right out of a movie.

But the real surprise is in the basement, a full model train set, taking up NEARLY the entire room with buildings, depots, stops, bridges, crossovers, mountains, towns and villages. Whomever lived here had one heck of a hobby, and REALLY loved it... spared no expense.

Zillow/Berskshire Hathaway Homeservices Chicago
Zillow/Berskshire Hathaway Homeservices Chicago

One other thing worth noting is the primary suite's bathroom, which has the most incredible shower I've ever seen in a home.

This place is crazy, and can be yours for the LOW low price of just $3,295,000. All considered, this seems like a great deal... so long as the train set comes with the house.

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