Sure, everyone thinks they've got a unique car. Between after-market customizations and custom paint jobs, you literally can make your car stand out from the pack these days.

But back in the 60s, it wasn't as easy, after-market parts weren't as readily available, and rarely does a one-off come directly from the manufacturer like this one did, and you can ONLY see it in Southwest Michigan.

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Earlier this month, I went out to The Gilmore for their first-ever Comedy night with Cars, featuring Adam Ferrara. While I was waiting on the show, I found my way back to the muscle cars and saw an unusual Mustang (my favorite car) that caught my eye.

The plaque read "1967 Shelby GT500 Convertible," which is intriguing because... Ford didn't make a '67 Shelby Convertible... or at least, they didn't make more than ONE of them!


Shelby and Ford intended on making a line of '67 GT500 Convertibles, and releasing it as a mid-year model, similar to the late-edition 1965 Mustangs, that is now affectionately known as the 1965 "and a half" Mustang.

"Unfortunate bottlenecks and other problems resulted in production of all 1968 Shelby cars moving to Michigan about the time when the convertible was to be introduced. This twist of fate resulted in this care becoming the One and Only 1967 Shelby GT500 convertible built by Shelby American."

Talking with Museum Director Josh Russell that day, he said it is seriously the only car of its kind ever made in the world, and the owner of the car, not only decided to display it at The Gilmore but has it insured for MILLIONS of dollars.

Aside from being the only '67 Shelby Convertible, there's another MASSIVE significance as to why THIS specific Shelby GT500 convertible is especially unique. (Warning, LOTS of "car jargon" ahead.)

"The significance of car #0139 extends beyond the Shelby Marque. Prior to wearing a Shelby American serial number, this convertible rolled off Ford's San Jose Mustang assembly line. All 1967 Mustangs ordered by Shelby American as GT500s were equipped with the potent 'Ford Cobra' 428ci engine topped with dual 4-barrel carburetors.

"This is the only multi-carbureted Shelby Mustang Convertible ever built. It was also reworked to be the prototype for the 1968 model year Shelby GT500 convertible line."

Literally, produced, by the manufacturer, with a MASSIVE motor, intended to be a model available to the public... and only one was ever made, making this THE One and Only of its kind ever produced... and it's sitting in a building in Hickory Corners, Michigan at The Gilmore Car Museum.

It's truly something unique, and not the ONLY unique car in the building. Pretty amazing to have something so cool in southwest Michigan.

MCACN Car Show at The Gilmore Car Museum

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