Detroit's own Ford has just issued a massive recall on more than 300,000 vehicles that includes four popular models, and a specific line of others.

If you own one of these models, the manufacturer is asking you to get it serviced immediately, because it could roll away, or burst into flames!

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Ford Unveils Its 2020 Explorer In Detroit Ahead Of The North American International Auto Show
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Explorer Recall

A recall was issued earlier this week on three different models.

First, the 2020-2022 model Ford Explorer due to a rollaway risk if the parking brake isn't applied. That recall is for more than 230,000 vehicles. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, this is due to a "disconnected driveshaft" that could case the vehicle to roll away and risk a crash.

All repairs, and replacements will be conducted by Ford free of charge. Owners can also call Ford customer service at 1-(869)-436-7332.

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Fire hazard Recall

In addition to that, versions of the Ford Escapes, Mavericks, and Lincoln Corsairs, as well as all models of hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles have been recalled due to a threat of catching fire.

The 2020-2023 Escapes are the only years affected, Mavericks made from 2022-2023, and the Lincoln Corsair Luxury SUV's made between 2021 and 2023 are all included in the recall.

The recall is due to a fluid leak that has been detected in some of the engine compartments that could leak on electrical equipment that might cause the vehicle to burst into flames while on the road.

At this time, no immediate fix is available, but Ford says, if drivers hear, see, or feel anything strange in their vehicles, they should pull over immediately, and contact their help line.

As soon as a repair is found, owners will be contacted to schedule a service date free of charge.

Ford is also in the midst of a massive worker strike due to the UAW strike in Detroit, that has now spread to multiple other locations. It's also not limited to just Ford.

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