Coming up this weekend is the little taste of the national football league that football fans get for the next few months until the preseason starts for the new season. The NFL draft is being hosted in Detroit and is expected to bring in hundreds of thousands of people who normally wouldn’t be joyously heading to Detroit.

In preparation for the NFL draft, the city announced that they would be erecting a Hollywood-like Detroit sign, welcoming outsiders into the city. But what transpired would be the laughing stock of the Internet as the sign that people were expecting was not the one that got.

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The sign even prompted residents like Detroit rapper Gmac Cash to write two songs about how silly the sign looked on the side of the highway. Now cities like Warren are clapping back and hopping on the troll train somebody from the city erected a cardboard sign that similarly looks like the Detroit sign.

As you can see below, the big difference is that the cardboard one doesn’t light up… Yet.

Which sign do you think is better, and more importantly, do you feel the Warren sign better fits what it's advertising?

Personally, I think the sign is hilarious and I love the fact that something that was supposed to be so uplifting for the city and state is now getting clowned hardcore. That perfectly represents what the city is all about. We can laugh at ourselves, but it's still ours.

I can't wait to actually see the Warren sign in person, and the Detroit one too, I guess.

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