There have been a lot of accusations going around about coffee shops in the Kalamazoo area in the last month. It was a matter of a few weeks ago when a lot of accusations were being discussed about the state of the working environment over at Crows Nest and Fourth Coast Café.

Now it seems that people are calling for a boycott of Water Street coffee. People are claiming that the wages they offer are below minimum wage, that they’re unethical and hazardous working conditions along with deceitful tip pooling, pulling between all shops. According to a flyer that was posted on social media, there claims to be no breaks for any shifts whether they are for 4 to 9 hours, along with Shady business practices and a constant disregard for employees.
The WSJ baristas are suffering. The companies money is going straight to the higher ups, the staff see hardly any of it. If you disagree with any of these practices, please use your voice. Write emails, leave reviews, make calls.
We reached out to Water Street for any kind of information or statement regarding the accusations, but we have yet to hear back from anyone.
Water Street Coffee originated in Kalamazoo and currently has locations in Downtown Kalamazoo, Oakland Drive, Ascension Borgess, Portage Rd. Sprinkle Rd, Harrison St, Bronson Hospital.

If we hear back from the management of Water Street regarding the accusations, we will update our story. One person who claims to be a former employee commented that they agree with the accusations, saying:
Former worker here from dec 2021-april 2022, hello
so far everything ive seen in regards to the call to action has sounded accurate with the experience I had there

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