When people talk about a home looking like it's straight out of a movie set, I'll bet the movies they were thinking of weren't directed by Stanley Kubrick.

Case and point, this Detroit Home that, on the outside looks incredible, and even some of the inside seems normal enough. But there are some very strange choices (particularly in the bathrooms) that remind us of "The Shining," or "A Clockwork Orange"... and not in a good way.

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this home is on Pontchartrain Boulevard in Detroit. Built in 1928, it's a MASSIVE home with 7 bedrooms, 4 full baths (all uniquely creepy), and it can be yours for just $2 Million.

And actually, when you look at the detail in the construction, and ornament inside the home, $2 Million actually seems like a bargain.

It was originally built by a Hungarian Engineer, Jozef Galamb, who is best known for designing and developing Ford's Model T and Model M vehicles. So, he used his engineering knowledge to create this home, which has no two rooms alike, and incredible detail in the craftsmanship.


The rooms where the public might congregate all seem relatively normal for a home of this age, and magnitude. LOTS of wood, ornately decorated, and big rooms surrounding a fireplace centerpiece.

But it's when you go deeper into the home, specifically the bathrooms, that this home takes on a more menacing, and "Kubrick-esque" kind of feeling.

Honestly, the home is incredible, and it has an Olympic-sized pool that comes with it. It even has its own Jacuzzi room, which I'm pretty sure was refurbished to be one much later in the home's life, given, Jacuzzis weren't a thing in the 1920s.

It's definitely one-of-a-kind, but would you be able to stand those bathrooms, without thinking some decaying old lady was going to step out of those tubs?

Check out this Kubrick-esque Home in Detroit for Sale

On the surface, this is an incredibly beautiful, ornate home... until you get to the bathrooms.

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