The NHL asked the fans to name the best teams of all time.  One Red Wings team made the list and now another has made it. 

According to the NHL,  the 1997-1998 Stanley Cup winning team was named the 6th best all time by the fans.  This list is being announced through out the Stanley Cup finals.

This Red Wings team  is the last so far in the NHL to repeat as champions.  They swept the Washington Capitals in four games.   .

Steve Yzerman once again captained this team to a championship.  They were missing one big player from the previous year, that was Vladimir Konstantinov.   He was injured in a limo crash just after the cup win the previous year.

He was in attendance for the win and participated in the celebration.  One of the main highlights of that big win.

Being a die hard Red Wings fan I can see why this team was chosen sixth.   They had a tougher road to win and they were the last team to repeat.    They also overcame the tragedy of the accident with Konstantinov.

Another memorable team and I think the fans got it right.   2002 team is 10th and the 1998 team is 6th.

Four other teams have been announced  as part of the top 10 you can check out for the list.

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