Today is the 2 year anniversary of Pearl Jam's return to Wrigley Field in Chicago in 2016. 

As the band wraps up their current run of shows at Wrigley Field tonight (June 20th, 2018) we look back at their pair of shows in 2016.

I was lucky enough to attend the first show on August 20th.   This show is the second time I've seen Pearl Jam live (the other was their legendary Grand Rapids show in 2006).

It was a great set list that features hits, lesser known songs and many covers.  It turns out that this show along with the other on August 22nd, were both filmed and became the film, "Let's Play Two".  The film highlighted both shows along with the Chicago Cubs run to the World Series Championship that year.

One of my favorite parts was Eddie Vedder performing his Cubs anthem, "All The Way". I also liked the many covers the band performed from the Beatles, Cheap Trick, The Ramones and more.

If I had any complaints the weather started out horrible with a storm that rolled in as the gates were opened.  The clouds eventually cleared so ended up not being so bad.

The other issue I had was with the person next to me kept stepping on my foot through out the show.   He was also constantly vaping which annoyed many around me.

I can't say how these current shows have been as I was unable to attend either of them.  I'm sure they were successful but for some reason I feel that these shows in 2016 were more memorable as it was during the championship season.

If you went to these shows or had a chance to see the film what did you enjoy or not like about the shows or film?

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