The President and Vice President at Portage Northern High School stopped in this morning to talk about one of the longest running charity events in our area: Bread Lift.  The President just happens to be our youngest daughter Lauren and the Veep is longtime family friend Austin VanderWeele.

Photo by McKelly
Photo by McKelly

Together they are directing one of the communities most massive efforts for an unprecedented 52nd year!

Here's how it works... Between 9:30am and 4pm Portage residents may hear a knock on their door and students from Portage Northern or Portage Central will ask if you'd like to donate to the March Of Dimes.  For your donation you'll get a loaf of bread.  So have some cash or a check ready.  They all work hard to make this happen so lets reward them for doing something we are so proud of- making a difference in the community.  BTW, since Bread Lift began, it has raised nearly a half a million dollars.  Thanks kids!!!

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