Inspired by an anonymous couple who left a $2,021 tip at a Petoskey restaurant Courtney Atsalakis ordered some food from El Àrbol Taqueria in Brighton on Tuesday and attempted to stay under the radar when leaving the same size tip but failed in her attempt at a quiet exit.

"I wrote them a note in my car, then I tipped her the money (at the window), but I didn't want her to see. I slipped it and ran to my car, but she ran out and did catch me at the road and thanked me," she said. - FREEP.COM


WOW we are blown away. We never thought this would happen to our staff and we are beyond blessed. Thank you for choosing...

Posted by El Arbol Taco on Wednesday, 13 January 2021


Server Suzy Bobier caught up with Courtney to thank her and let her know her fellow employees working the shift (including the kitchen staff) will split up the tip so everyone will benefit from the much needed windfall. The tip was a pleasant surprise to everyone working that day and they really appreciated it given how especially hard hit the restaurant industry has been of late.

"I’m a single mom of four kids. I have four bad tires on my car. I'm going to use it to replace those tires. It is something I would not have been able to do without something like this. It was quite an incredible blessing," Bobier said. It really blessed seven people that day and we’re forever grateful. It’s every server’s dream for something like this to happen." - FREEP.COM


The restaurants posted pictures on its Facebook Page of the receipt as a way to acknowledge the kind and thoughtful act and hopefully to inspire others.

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