Well, we've been talking a lot about the "new normal' and we can add this to the list.  What once seemed unheard of just a couple of years ago has proven to work at many believe is an acceptable level.

There is already strong evidence that many people who were asked to work from home on a temporary basis are very or somewhat apprehensive about returning to work for fear of the coronavirus.  This has caused many companies to re-evaluate the human resources aspect of the employee situation.  There has never been any precedence to compare this to and the repercussions have yet to be revealed.

On the other hand, this could turn out to be an incredible plus to companies in terms of keeping costs down with worker productivity, days missed and overall well being.  Insurance rates may also be reduced due to less commuting and the like.

As for the employees themselves, priorities will change mostly for the better.  Along with some of the things already mentioned like commuting, there would be less pressure on the housing situation since it won't matter as much where you live.  In addition, working from home allows more freedom which feeds into more productivity.

Statistics are showing that of all the companies surveyed that can function well without in-person employees, they can not only survive but also succeed and grow with nearly 2/3 of their employees working from home.  Let's face it, the current circumstances will certainly be expected until a vaccine is found and distributed.  We're looking at well into 2021 and, by then, this "new normal" will be normal.

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