Something anyone can do any time of year is take a roadtrip. If you live in Michigan, that’s even better – because Michigan has so many things to see, to discover, to be amazed at, and wonder about.

Michigan not only has the most miles of beach front, but thousands and thousands of inland lakes, historic old mining & lumber camps, old World War 2 concentration camps, huge sinkholes, thousands of haunted locations, great small town living, Indian trails and graveyards, fishing, camping, all types of food (you name it, we got it), homemade wines and beers, roadside artwork, roadside oddities, roadside attractions, amusement parks, abandoned structures (drive-ins, farm houses, one-room school houses, factories, asylums, etc.), hundreds of shipwrecks, miles and miles of country roads that seem to go on forever, caves, underground tunnels and mine shafts, endless antiques….I could keep going, but you know what we have.

Or do you?

Probably not, because all of us are discovering so much more hidden treasures throughout the entire state – the mitten and the upper peninsula (speaking of treasures, Michigan has its share of still-missing buried treasure and stolen bank money).

I don’t care how long you, or gramps, or even great-great gramps have lived here – all of us are still discovering more and more hidden secrets and history.

Take a look below at 25 somewhat out-of-the-way spots you may want to learn more about and even visit for yourself! Some you already know about, some you may have forgotten about, and maybe there’s a couple that’s new to you. There's something here for everyone.

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