Atlas Obscura produced a map of 90 surprising world capitals, as in Lima, Ohio, the world capital of pork rinds or Strong, Maine, the world capital of toothpicks. These 4 Michigan cities are also world capitals in their respective categories.

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    Now one of the many suburbs of Detroit sprawled across Oakland County, the village of Oxford was once the Gravel Capital of the World. However the gravel pits have been filled over and developed with subdivisions and strip malls.

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    The main street in the St Joseph County village of Colon is named Blackstone Ave, for native son and famous magician Harry Blackstone. There are 3 magic companies based in Colon and the village as a designation from the US Congress as the Magic Capital of the World

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    Battle Creek

    Cereal lovers the world over know that Battle Creek is the Breakfast Capital of the World. Kellogg's is the city's largest employer in the city and a tourist attraction, Cereal City USA was open until 2007.

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    Berrien Springs

    Drive the backroads around Berrien Springs and Eau Claire in Berrien County and you'll see very large vats partially sunken in the ground. There are thousands of cucumbers in them curing into pickles. The village hosts an annual Pickle Festival in celebration of the green goodness.