The Kalamazoo Ribfest is coming up August 4th - 6th.  That got me thinking about Freedy's BBQ on House of Cards.

Here are the 5 best places to eat BBQ if you're stuck inside a television.

#5 Boar’s Nest - The Duke's of Hazzard
Daisy Duke will be your waitress.  Enough said.

#4 Freddy's - House of Cards
You can have delicious ribs and bump into the President.

#3 Austin Smokehouse Ray's Bar-B-Q - Friday Night Lights
Come's Texas.  The BBQ has to be goo there, right?

#2 Ron Swanson's BBQ - Parks and Recreation
The video says it all.

#1 Hank Hills' back yard - King of the Hill
Much like Ron Swanson, Hank Hill has very important rules to BBQing.  You have to respect it.

Kalamazoo Ribfest 2016 is almost here!

Get all the info including the entire entertainment lineup by clicking below.