For Leigh Kakaty, the founder and lead singer of Pop Evil, coming back to Kalamazoo and headlining Ribfest in 2023 was a full-circle moment. Having grown up in Muskegon where the band was founded and growing in popularity in Grand Rapids, Leigh told the Rocker Morning Show on 1077 RKR that playing the festival was always something that they had always wanted to do and were always trying to get on the lineup.

Fast forward to 2023, and Pop Evil closed out the weekend with an amazing performance while the elements added to the atmosphere of the show:
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They came out and open the show up with a track off their new album Skeletons,  Paranoid (Crash and Burn), and although their new album was the focus, they actually played songs from six of their seven albums.
One of the most intense parts of the night was when the rain really started coming down as they busted into I have a favorite from their new album called Eye of the Storm, which was quite fitting. Pop Evil gave one of the best live performances Kalamazoo Ribfest has ever seen, and we look forward to having them back one day to Kalamazoo.
As for next year, who’s to say who will headline the closing night but for this year, Pop Evil reigned supreme.
The weekend also saw performances from many great local and national artists who were excited to be a part of the annual event. We look forward to next summer and new memories as we start the countdown to Ribfest 2024.
Pop Evil Kalamazoo Ribfest Setlist:

Pop Evil Live At Kalamazoo Ribfest 2023

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