The Detroit Free Press listed the top place to work in the State of Michigan.


According to

"Each year, the Detroit Free Press honors the best places to work in Michigan in our Top Workplaces competition. The rankings are assembled based on anonymous employee surveys by an independent third party, so it is unvarnished opinion from workers in the trenches. It doesn't get more direct than that."


Here Are The Top Best Places To Work In Michigan...

  1. Chem-Trend - The company explains itself as  "Innovative technology for enhancing molding productivity."
  2. Credit Acceptance Corp. - The company helps people with lower credit scores buy cars.
  3. DFCU Financial - Is a full service Credit Union.
  4. MSU Federal Credit Union - Another full service Credit Union.
  5. The Kendall Group - They are a wholesale supplier of equipment, materials and services.

Maybe you are looking for a great work environment to hang your hat. Or, maybe you just want to give your business to businesses  that cares. Either way congratulations to all 5 of the companies for being so great!