In 1957 the Detroit Lions traded QB Bobby Layne. Upon his departure from the Lions organization, Layne dropped a curse on the team that some believe still holds a very strong grip on the team to this day. In his curse, Layne stated that "the Lions wouldn't be champions for 50 years" thereby officially launching The Curse of Bobby Layne.

Over 50 years have passed and Layne's curse still grips this team like a chimp holds onto the underbelly of its mother when being carried.  Yeah, the Bobby Lane Curse nor the Madden curse are going anywhere anytime soon my friends.  Might be time we step up and be a little proactive and take care of it.

The only way I see a to lift a curse is to simply cast one. If anything you'd think it would at least even the playing field.  Not sure if this will work but lets try it for the Lions next five opponents and see what kind of record they end up with after the five games.

10/4 - New Orleans Saints: What a great team to start the curse off with being as though they are from the land of Voodoo, lets lambaste the saints with this curse:

"May all your Facebook notifications be game invites"

10/18 - Jacksonville Jaguars - Although we may not need to curse this gawd awful team lets do so just to be safe.

"May the pin of the bathroom stall door never reach the lock to close the door" 

10/25 - Atlanta Falcons - We'll need to bring out the big gun curse for this team.

"May you inherit a pre-disposition to hitting reply all by accident forever"

11/1 - Indianapolis Colts: Again, we may not need a curse to be put on this team but lets just cover in case.

"May you gain the inability to reproduce the leather couch fart noise a second time"

11/8 - Minnesota Vikings - We'll need a good one here because no matter how bad or good the Vikings are, they always seem to have our number.

"May you have your laptop charge overnight without noticing the chord isn't plugged into the wall"

There, that should do it. Now lets follow up with how many wins the Lions get by cursing the other team. Then after the next five games we'll see if its just enough to offset our very own legendary Bobby Lane curse.

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