Lets face it, if there is a way to crush a loss in the NFL our beloved Lions will find a way. Sometimes it's their fault, sometimes it isn't. Strike that. Most of the time its their fault but who is keeping score. If you can stomach it, here are 5 Lions facepalm losses that will have you curled up in the fetal position on the floor by the time your done watching. You can do this. Lets get started.

5) Windy Marty -  Nov 22, 2004: The cold Chicago wind must have numbed the mind of Lions coach Marty Mornhinweg's when after winning the coin toss in an overtime game against the Bears, he decides to pass on getting the ball, instead, electing to defend the side of the field where the wind would be at their backs. You know, for when they get the ball back and with the wind at their backs, they will be set up perfectly to make a game winning field goal and he would be a hero, revered in the Motor City as a saint!

Problem is, Chicago wasn't going to have any of that giving them the ball back nonsense and promptly marched down the field (in the wind) and scored, eradicating any chance the Lions would get the ball back. If you have the stomach to handle it - find the 4:44 mark in the video below to witness the debacle once again.

4) The Calvin Johnson Rule - Sept 12th 2010 vs Bears:  With less than 30 seconds Calvin Johnson grabs the game winning touchdown pass and they win the game right? Wait a second, you saw him catch the ball, the Bear players saw him catch the ball, the 80 year old guy in section 222 in the upper deck wearing the bifocals saw him make the catch.  You know who didn't see Calvin actually catch it? Yep, that's right, the referees. Even after a review they still weren't convinced it was a legit catch WTH!  Take a peek at the video below and see for your self how much of a catch it was. You'll plainly see it was, unless of course, you're an NFL referee.

3) Watch The Bouncing ball - Oct 4th 2015 vs Seattle: With just over a minute left in the game,Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor pulls out a surprise move by knocking the ball out of Calvin Johnson's hands just as he dives over the goal line. The call is announced as a touchback, securing what ends up being a Seahawks victory.  Problem is, Seattle linebacker K.J. Wright had batted the ball out of bounds from the end zone and that should have resulted in a penalty and a first down for Detroit on the one yard line. As Lions luck would have it though, the refs called it a touchback  allowing Seattle to win the game. Uggg!!!!

2) Snap, Crackle, Pop - Lions vs Vikings Dec. 19, 2004: This game sets the perfect example as to why you shouldn't celebrate a Lions victory until EVERY second has ticked off the clock. Even then, when the game is over look for a penalty flag or some sort of odd call by the refs. NEVER...I repeat, never assume a victory is locked up as you will witness in the following video. The Lions drive all way down the field to score in the final minutes and all they need is a field goal to tie it up and well...you know the outcome.

1) Hell f'n Mary That Did Not Just Happen - Lions Vs Pack Dec 3rd 2015: Only the Lions could lose a game where everybody in the world knows which play is coming and they STILL couldn't stop it.  This was basic football practice drill stuff.  To think the whole hail-mary pass thing was set up by a stupid face mask penalty in the closing seconds by the Lions too. I remember after watching this game that something snapped in me - I honestly cannot produce any sort of emotional reaction to anything stupidly insane that the Lions pull now. I'm emotionless when it comes to them SMH. I think I need therapy.

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