The playoff streak ended this season but that hasn't affected the love for the sport in the Motor City.

According to WalletHub,  they ranked 72 U.S. cities and Detroit was named the best city for hockey fans.    The list was based on 19 indicators of a good hockey city.

They have their rankings, now here are five reasons why I think Detroit is the best hockey city for fans.


Original Six Team

The Red Wings have been around since the beginning of the league.  An original six team so they have built a fan following from the beginning.   When you have been around since 1926 you have had a long time to develop a fan base.

Playoff Streak

What better way to have a great fan atmosphere if your fans are excited for winning hockey.   It doesn't hurt that the team won four cups and was a top tier team for most of the streak, which lasted 25 years .  Even though the streak ended,  the fans still came out to support the team.  I personally think the fans will continue to come out as the atmosphere for the game of hockey is great in Detroit.

Legendary Arenas

The Red Wings just wrapped up the final season at the Joe Louis Arena which was the teams home for the last 38 years.    There were bad years yes, but there was just something about the atmosphere at the old barn that many arenas in the league have never had.   Before the Joe, there was the Olympia which was another old classic venue for fans.   This fall will be the opening of the new Little Caesars Arena and just by what we have seen of this new arena I think the history will continue.

College Hockey

Detroit has seen some great college hockey over the years not only between Michigan and Michigan State and their seasonal clashes, but also the annual Great Lakes Invitational.  That event has been a year end tournament since 1965 and along with the Wings will move to the Little Caesars Arena this year.

Legendary Players

When you have a winning history like the Red Wings you would figure you would have some great players over the years.   Some of the greatest ever have been Red Wings,  just look at the NHL's list of the 100 greatest players ever.  28 of the 100 players have at one time worn the winged wheel.   From Gordie Howe and Ted Lindsay to Pavel Datsyuk and Nicklas Lidstrom, fans have been lucky to have seen these legends play.


Despite the bad season this past year,   I still think that no matter what happens the fans will continue to support the team and the sport in Detroit.   Why do you think they call it, "Hockeytown"?

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