The Wine-Not Winter Wine Festival can't get here soon enough.  We're experiencing the post-holiday let-down, it's Winter and it'll be 3 months since we've had a 'group drunk'.  The 4th annual is slated for March 3rd at The Radisson and, like the first 3, it will most certainly sell out.  So why is this event so popular?  I've got 5 reasons why.

1.  It's the only a group-drunk that makes us drunks drunk AND classy.

2.  Unlike almost every other encounter with wine, you don't have to know anything about wine just get drunk.

3.  There's something significantly special about a wine drunk.  Unlike a beer drunk, you don't get full & heavy.  You get lighter & gropey and who doesn't want that these days?

4.  It's at The Radisson!  Get drunk & be somebody and then get a room.

5.  Did I mention we all get drunk.

Check out some of the goings on from last year...


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