As someone who has lived in Portage for nearly three decades, it's about time that I pass along to the people who don't live there some of the things I've learned, discovered, adjusted to and put up with. These are the 5 things that only Portage People know.

Of course there are obvious things like don't try and take a left onto Westnedge and what the smell was/is coming from the "Upjohn" plant.  Here are 5 that non-Portage residents may need to know...or not.

1.  You can drink alcohol right behind the Police Station.  That's right!  When there are events at the Overlander Band Shell, people often bring coolers of beer & what-not and it's perfectly legal.

2.  When you're eating ice cream at Ritter's and the wind is blowing just right, you can get wet from the fountain at Millennium Park.

3.  The softball fields on S. Westnedge South of Centre are called "The Dump" by the players.  The reason, of course, is because there was a dump on that site.

4.  The light at the intersection of Oakland and Centre may be the shortest in the county.  We're talking about being on Oakland at Centre facing North.  At certain times there's only enough time for 3 or 4 cars to go through before it turns yellow.

5.  All Portaginians have a plan to avoid Westnedge no matter where they are going in Portage.

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