If you call Coldwater home, no doubt you are familiar with it's informal mascot, the blue concrete dolphin. According to a recent Facebook post, the dolphin was installed in 1972 at the Four Corners Park, so named because of the four distinct themes the park is known for; the area that hosts the annual Memorial Day festivities, one section dedicated to military weaponry from the Civil War through World War ||, the site of the Coldwater Library, and a separate children's play area complete with sand box. It seemed to be the perfect location to install this dolphin statue, intended to be a children's play structure. And there it sat for 40 years. Then, in 2012, the dolphin was not included in the plans for a park upgrade. Our little Coldwater dolphin found himself a mammal out of water.

But wait! the Branch County Children's Museum was a few years from being realized, surely the dolphin would be an excellent addition to the museum, right? It's a children's play thing, after all, and had been a part of the city of Coldwater for 40 years. So in 2014 the dolphin statue was relocated to the Branch County Children's Museum... temporarily, that is. Shortly thereafter, the Branch County Children's Museum decided to pack the statue up and place it in storage in favor of bringing in other interactive, educational displays.

Could this be the end of the Coldwater dolphin statue story? Was it to remain shut out from the world and lost in the darkness of a storage unit for all time? Certainly not! Someone recently rescued the statue and it was determined that it should be installed at the most appropriate place a dolphin could ever call a "forever home," the Rotary Splash Park. A happy ending for this nearly 50-year-old statue, and a happy ending for the people of Coldwater.

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