Fans of Burger Bros. on Riverview won't be at all surprised to learn that owner Chris Slocum's culinary talents don't stop at burgers. His latest restaurant endeavor is a new sandwich shop, Round Bread Sandwich Company, located in the strip mall next to Sam's Club on Westnedge and Romence (right next to A Thai Cafe). While a lot of foodies are concentrating on opening the latest in food fusion gastropubs, I was curious as to why the humble sandwich was Slocum's latest focus.

"I love sandwiches. I always have," Slocum oozed. "We've always wanted to do sandwiches. When I lived in Chicago I worked at a sandwich place in the West Loop and I loved everything about it. Always wanted to do something like this. The opportunity came up and it was perfect."

Round Bread Sandwich Company gets its name from the fresh bread they make in house every day. Their menu boasts fifteen different sandwiches served hot or cold (ask for their super secret vinaigrette), several side dishes, and homemade soups including tomato bisque and lemon chicken couscous. Of course, no sandwich is complete without a side of chips. Slocum and the crew have 6 varieties of Dirty Chips, an Utz brand, on hand. With an eye on the environment, Round Bread proudly uses biodegradable containers and flatware made from cornstarch. Cornstarch. We're *this* close to getting our Jetson's cars, people. Regardless how future focused they might be, their "keep it simple" idea of letting the sandwiches speak for themselves will never get stale.

Dine in. Carry out. However you do it, join me in welcoming a new business to our area, Round Bread Sandwich Company. Good luck, gang!

Round Bread Sandwich Company is located at 7083 s. Westnedge in Portage. Their Grand Opening is Friday, October 9th. They will be open from  11am to 7pm, seven days a week.

Round Bread Sandwich Company

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