One of the newest restaurants to open in our area recently is bringing a bit of Kalamazoo's Art Hop experience to Portage. The Slocum brothers at Round Bread Sandwich Company recently had a private art show featuring three Kalamazoo artists who work together under CathARTic Flow. Tony Winslow, one of the artists in the collective happens to be a Round Bread employee.

Curious as to why owner Chris Slocum was keen to feature CathARTic Flow, the answer was simple. Tony Winslow, one of the artists in the collective happens to be an employee of Slocum's. "Tony is my people. We're all about our people. When you work for me you're family blood or not. I would be nowhere without our community, our employees, my family."

The gallery collection also features the work of Angie Bissonnette and Caroline Bissonnette. "They're all incredible artists," Slocum continued. "He does an awesome job for me and he does awesome work outside of the shop. And it makes my space super cool."

I got he chance to chat with each of the artists in CathARTic Flow about how their collaboration began just over a year ago. What began as Tony and Caroline setting up portable studios a beautiful Kalamazoo locales, like Asylum Lake, on a summer day quickly turned in to teaching youths in Costa Rica the pour technique they use. After cutting their trip short due to COVID-19, they returned to the US, Angie jumped on board, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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