Can you imagine going to the beach but there's no water and the sand is surrounded by skyscrapers? That is exactly what is going on in one Michigan city.

Nothing like running your toes through in the sand in the summer months in Michigan. Heck, the state is surrounded by sandy beaches so there is no shortage of the tiny brown granules.

But what if you live in Detroit? Yes there are a few beaches on the edge of the city as well as in some of the suburbs. There is now a beach in the heart of downtown Detroit.

According to MLive, there is an area located at Campus Martius Park in Detroit that is now called "The Beach." There is 400,000 pounds of Michigan sand that fills this area that is set up like a beach near a fine hotel. There are lots of lounge chairs to sit and relax in and plenty of tables to enjoy some of the fine food the city of Detroit has to offer. Click the link provided above to take are really good look.

After looking at this location in Detroit, it would be great to see something like this in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and Battle Creek. Since the pandemic has begun there have been several areas in these cities designated for dining and drinking the summer months, throw in some sand and its a party.

The Beach in Detroit has a full service restaurant and bar but if one of these were put in West Michigan, it could be in an area where there are already plenty of bars and restaurants and after the tough year and half they have had, this could be a thing that gets them going for 2022.

The Beach in Detroit is nothing new, it has been around since 2013 but continues to climb in popularity with the people downtown or those visiting the city looking to spend some of their time outside.

They have gone bigger over the years by adding live games like shuffleboard, ping pong, foosball and Connect Four. There are even nights of live music. Its basically a Florida beach party in the heart of downtown Detroit. I could definitely see something like this happening in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and Battle Creek so someone forward this article to the powers that be. Lol.

Detroit has the Beach in operation from May until the end of September and its free to enter. It is 21 and older after 9 p.m.

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