A hair salon in Lansing, Michigan is taking a stand and charging all genders the same price for services.

This shouldn't be news.  This shouldn't be a big deal at all.  Unfortunately, it is. Many products and services are priced higher for women.  Don't believe me?  Go look at disposable razors. If they're pink they cost more.  When you look at the average cost of a haircut, you'll find a dramatic gap between how much a woman pays compared to how much a man pays for the same service.  According to youprobablyneedahaircut.com there's nearly a $30 gap on the National average,

The average price of a men’s haircut was $40. The average price of a women’s haircut was $66.

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That same website points out that in Detroit, Michigan the average haircut cost for men is $38 while that same cut would average $58 for women.

Hive Hair owners Jamie Ferris, Lexan Cranfill and Katie Pickett not only wanted to stand against this unnecessary gender price gap but also create an environment where everyone feels safe and welcome.

Before you try to argue that haircuts are more expensive for women because they have more hair, Hive Hair owner and stylist Jamie Ferris says points out the problem with that argument during an interview with Fox 17,

Our price points are short, medium, long. It's not male, female.  Sometimes cutting a woman's hair short takes just as long as it does to cut a man’s hair. So why should we be charging more for this or that?

The owners of this Lansing hair salon are working to have a gender-neutral business and will not judge or turn away anyone because of the hairstyle they want.

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