Leave it to a couple of Yoopers to figure out what we've been missing all these springs.

The Snow Pack Is Still Intact Up North

The late arriving spring up north has frayed the nerves of many residents suffering from late stage cabin fever. But luckily, a couple of Yoopers have made light of the situation and created something we all would benefit from when the ice hangs around too long.

It's called the Beer Go Round, and is basically just a giant circle cut into the ice, and then spun to revolve. One man sits in a lawn chair in the circle (which is kept spinning by a small electric motor hooked up to a battery), while another sits along side, tossing him beers on demand.

The question I have is: would you get more dizzy or more drunk? Or both?

I don't recommend that you drink at the level this guy is, but it's a good way to kill a few days while waiting for spring to really get here. Which for those in the Upper Peninsula may not be until some time in June.

The video was posted to the Michigan Wild Instagram feed on Monday.

If you don't know, some sections along the northern Lake Superior shoreline in the Upper Peninsula still have upwards of 30 inches of snow on the ground.

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