My Wife and I through out the year try to spend time with our nieces and nephews.  Yesterday we took two of our nephews and our oldest niece out to Harvest Moon Acres in Gobles.

If you have kids and have never been to Harvest Moon Acres you need to find the time to go.  The highlight of the day for our nephews and niece was the corn maze.

That was the main reason we went to go through that.  This years maze theme is Wild West Adventure.  I think my wife told me it took us about 50 minutes or so to go through the giant maze.

There was also a mini maze for younger kids which involved finding different colors to put on your fingers.  Once you made it out of the maze there was a board that featured various combinations of colors on your hand.  You match up your hand with the board and you had to act out the scenario on the board such as , hop like a bunny.

My nephews really got into the slide and the zip line.  They also tried the saloon shoot out, which allows you to use a sling shot to shoot gourds at various targets.

Lots of things to do so if you haven't made it out this year you have this weekend.

We all had a great time and will be going back again next season.


Photo by Mrs. Fly