Say what you want about Adam Sandler and what most people DO say is his movies are stupid, his comedy is stupid and he's stupid.  I for one enjoy the movies because I know exactly what i'm going to get.  Truth be told I wasn't a huge fan of the early movies but came to like them with the release of the so-called second generation "Sandler".  In fact, my favorite Adam Sandler movie isn't a comedy.  It's "Reign Over Me" with Don Cheadle in 2007 about a dentist losing his family flying in one of the planes that hit the Trade Center.

But back to the ridiculousness of Adam Sandler bring his 100% Fresher Tour to Van Andel Arena on june 6th with tickets going on sale Friday march 29th at 10:00am.  Remember, this isn't just Sandler doing stand up.  It's a full blown rock band on stage doing new songs, old favorites, comedy bits and special guests.  Who knows who's going to show up in Grand Rapids.  We'll just have to find out.



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