A video posted to YouTube this week shows a UFO flying over Grand Rapids. Or is it something else?

The following video was shot on October 17, 2021, the description posted with the video is as follows:

"Was on flight UA267 from Boston, MA to Denver, CO on Oct 17, 2021. I was seated in the window seat, looking north as we flew over Lake Michigan. At 8:50 am local time, I spotted below the plane and several miles away a tic tac ufo. The object was flying east and had no features. It had no wings, no windows, no tail, no exhaust, no flight surfaces. It was white and cylindrical. I recorded a video of it for about one minute before it disappeared from sight on its eastward cruising path. It did seem to change elevation or speed."

White and cylindrical UFOs are commonly known as 'Tic Tac' because they resembled the popular mint candies.

The video was posted to the Only Real UFOs YouTube page, and also reported to the Mutual UFO Network page, otherwise known as Mufon.

While I'm a skeptic, and this does resemble a drone-type plane, I'll leave it to you to discern what it is or is not.

Most of the commenters to the page have gone all-in on this being a Tic Tac UFO, but some have questioned this assumption.

GORF writes:

I'm still not getting how these are from another planet. Quite interesting but this does not necessarily mean they are ET's. Show me one darting around at impossible speeds from one spot to another and I might be impressed. All this thing is doing is flying straight like most air-based vehicles on earth can.

While Marek chimed in:

genuine good but not tic tac at all it is 100% disc and this one is Zeta Reticuli "sport" model with dome described by Bob Lazar

Whatever it is, or was, it definitely was flying over West Michigan two weeks ago.


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