Have you received your stimulus check?  We got ours late last week and, frankly, we were starting to think we weren't going to get one.  I mean we fit the criteria but, ya know, the government.  Now we have to decide what we're going to do with it.

If you're like us and you qualified for stimulus money, there could be other factors that are holding it up other than the income criteria.  You may be scheduled for later this year, the IRS started processing your check before you set up your direct deposit or your bank had a problem processing your direct deposit.

Other possible problems are your banking information the IRS has is wrong or out of date, you owe child support or you may need to file a "non filers form" which sounds weird but you may have earned less than required a tax form.  There is one other reason why you didn't get paid!

In case you didn't know the IRS started sending out payment "cards" instead of checks.  These are basically pre-paid debit cards or gift cards and some are arriving at homes in non-IRS envelopes.  As you might expect or have done yourself, some people have been throwing them away without even opening the envelope because all it says on the envelope is "Money Network card Services".

If you look closer the card has the Visa name on the front and the name of the issuing bank on the back.  Also inside is the information that explains what the card is; your Economic Impact Payment Card.  So open all your mail just to be safe.  For more information on the EIP card click HERE.

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How to Get Your Stimulus Check Quickly and How Much You Will Get

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