Are you kidding me?  The bill hasn't even been signed yet and already scams are cropping up to get peoples' stimulus money.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  There will continue to be a parade of criminal activity like this because, as the world changes, the crooks change their tactics.

According to an article on, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is warning Michiganders to beware of scams related to the expected economic relief package for COVID-19.  In an urgent consumer alert issued yesterday, Nessel said bad actors are trying to trick people into giving out their personal and financial information in order to receive the one time federal stimulus payment.  The state Department of Attorney General has received reports that Michiganders are getting emails that appear official and demand PayPal, bank account, and other financial information in order to receive the federal stimulus payment immediately.  According to the department, a likely form for the phishing scam to take is to ask for a person's bank account information and falsely claim that the federal stimulus payment will then be deposited directly.

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