Over a billion pounds of Pumpkins are produced annually world wide which means everyone loves pumpkins and pumpkin pie.

Meet one who doesn't.

Reasons why I hate pumpkins and pumpkin pie in particular include:

Having to carve them as a child.  Why do parents insist that young children love to take a spoon, reach deep down into a darkened, moistened, cavernous cave-like space and clean out a pumpkin is beyond me. I have always found it gross and disgusting scrapping the sides of a pumpkin, the stringy innards attaching themselves to my fingers and hands like some blood sucking leech. Add to it the gross feeling when the pumpkin guts dry hard on your skin and underneath your fingernails...yuck!

Does EVERYTHING have Pumpkin Spice in it now?  Maybe pumpkin spice is good on pumpkin pie and in pumpkin bread but why anyone would want to put anything pumpkin in their coffee, cereal or even dog treats is beyond me. I heard they may even come out with a pumpkin spice beef jerky. What is wrong with you people.

Pumpkins have two names.  I never trust any anything that can't decide what it should be called. Like, is it called Fall or Autumn? Pumpkins have two names too. Is it Pumpkin or Jack O' Lantern?  Make up your mind Pumpkin Jack.

They make easy targets for mischievous trick-or-treaters.  Pumpkins rot quickly and easily which makes them prime targets for thrill seekers who love to create stinky splatted messes using the guts and rotted skin of a pumpkin.  Always fun scrapping up and hosing down the impacted area after the hot sun has baked it into your porch or driveway. Mental note to self: Quit giving away Bit-O-Honey's every Halloween.

Okay, there ya go. A few reasons why I'm not the biggest fan of pumpkins or pumpkin pie. I know I'm probably in the minority so if you want to spray me in the eyes with some mace for being so anti-pumpkin, well, I would understand.  Just make sure it's not pumpkin spice scented mace ...pretty please.

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