There is certainly  a lot going on, going up and going in at the Trade Center site on the North side of I94 between S. Westnedge Ave and Oakland Dr in Portage.  Along with the signature businesses and hotels, we're starting to see movement on one of the next phases in the plans- restaurants.

Photo by McKelly
Photo by McKelly

You might expect some of the 'usual suspects' to move in as we see on Westnedge and W. Main but you might be surprised to learn that on of the more unique establishments will make a home in this bustling area.

Black Rock Bar & Grill is slated to begin construction on the first location on this side of the state...the West side...the Best side.  If you've ever been to The Grill House in Allegan, you'll know what makes Black Rock so unique.  Like The Grill House you get to cook your steak yourself but instead of a normal grill it's volcanic rocks at more than 750 degrees according to our friends at MLive.  Check out the whole story HERE.

Now, you might think that grilling your own steak isn't fun but let me tell you something, if we have half as much fun as we've had at The Grill House, this place is going to be hard to get into.

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